Need for Just Leaders

Need for Just Leaders” 

Background Scripture: Malachi 2, 3
Key Verse: Malachi 2:2

This lesson is centered around Malachi’s warnings from God to the Priests who are not serving to His standards as He has prescribed. The Priests’ behavior are repeated actions that Micah has also spoken to, as directed by God.  When will we ever learn?  These actions not only dishonors God, but are despised by Him as well.  Being that we serve a consistently loving God, He provides us with directions, warnings, and corrections.  All is designed to benefit us by strengthening our relationship with the One Who Can Keep Us From Falling.

Now, the Priests have it a little harder than the average Joe.  These Levites who have “taken the call”, understand that their actions represent God’s work of sanctification.  Taking the call lightly, misusing the position, or personally (hearts desire) profiting from their service could effect ones faith in God and ultimately bring about His correction.  Even though, this lesson is directed at the Priests of Malachi’s day, we know that God’s teaching in the past are for our living today and the future.  

So, remember to relate this lesson to today’s living. KEEPING ALL THINGS IN CONTEXT. Please don’t take anything from or add anything to God’s Word.


Your task is to share your study comments.  You can follow the questions that are provided or simply share what your are inspired to contribute.  Remember, iron sharpens iron.  Your voice (words) will contribute to our collective growth.


Question 1: What is the key verse saying to you?

Question 2: From your reading, can you see any resemblance in clergy leaders today? Is what is seen positive or negative comparisons; or both?

Question 3: How does Malachi 2 describe the duties of the Priests?

Question 4: How does Malachi 2 describe the failures of the Priests? 

Question 5: What does Malachi 2 share about God’s judgement for their actions?

Question 6: In what ways can you use Malachi 3:5 as a source of comfort or encouragement in the face of todays’s negative headlines?

Question 7: What did you learn from this lesson?


Thank you in advance for sharing!  May God Bless You and Your Family.


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